About Shotcrete Technologies

Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. has been supplying mining, tunneling and infrastructure projects with quality Shotcrete products and services for over 35 years, including:

Shotcrete Products, including our industry standard; Shot-Tech Robotic Arm, which can be mounted on many types of carriers.

Shotcrete Accelerators, including our well-known Shot-Set 250 accelerator.

Centrifugal Shaftlining STI’s innovative applications for Vertical and Horizontal Robotic Shotcrete (Shaftlining) which have been used all over the world.

Shotcrete Services STI’s team of professionals understand, support and add value to every aspect of your shotcrete application.

Shotcrete Technologies has been providing quality products and services to the industry since 1979. The leader in shotcreting for underground projects, infrastructures and new construction, Shotcrete Technologies has a clear advantage over competitors. Shotcrete is all we do. While other companies sell all types of concrete additives and equipment, only Shotcrete Technologies maintains a singular focus on shotcreting products and services.

Products and Services

Our service starts long before the spraying begins. Expect our professionals to be involved from start to finish to ensure you receive the most efficient and cost-effective shotcreting. Our process-oriented approach includes working with the top people in the industry on project specification, mix design and material-handling logistics.

Shotcrete Products

Shot-Tech Nozzle Assembly
Our Nozzle Assembly, used with both hand-held and robotic shotcreting, uses a "venturi" action, as swirling air surrounds the concrete as it travels through the nozzle. This prevents the concrete from segregrating and enables you to shoot from greater distances.

Shot-Tech Robotic Arm
This innovative, remote-controlled spraying arm may be used in tunneling, underground and other applications, and may be mounted on many different carriers. It enables shotcrete to be sprayed immediately after blasting, allowing the nozzleman to do a safer, better job.

Shotcrete Accelerators

Shot-Set 250 Liquid Accelerator
This liquid, non-caustic accelerator has a proven track record. With dosages of two to five percent by weight of cement, Shot-Set 250 Liquid Accelerator lowers rebound to 10 percent or less-even overhead-and allows the nozzleman to place thicker layers.

ST-ALKALI FREE Accelerator
Provides extreme workability. When your shotcreteing project calls for super adhesion and high "first-pass" thicknesses, ST-ALKALI FREE is the one. This homogenous liquid accelerator blends easily and completely. It requires low dosage rates and is also compatible with virtually all cement types.

Centrifugal Shaftlining & Culvert Lining

Shotcrete Technologies, Inc, has developed innovative applications for Vertical Robotic Shotcrete (Shaftlining) which have been used all over the world.

Culvert Lining
Shotcrete Technologies, Inc, has developed innovative applications for Horizontal Robotic Shotcrete (Shotlining) which have been used all over the world.

Shotcrete Services & Support

In addition to these Shotcrete products, the Shotcrete Technologies professionals have a thorough understanding of the other products used in the industry to help select the best fit with shotcrete pumps, fibers, plasticisers, retarders, etc. So, regardless of the product you choose, we know how to maximize it for your specific project.


• Highway and railroad tunnels
• Mining operations
• Slope stabilization
• Building foundations
• Hydropower projects
• Canal lining
• Bridge rehabilitation
• Concrete repair & restoration
• Seawalls
• Mass transit
• Parking garagages 
• Shafts
• Stormsewer
• Sewer
• Water
• Culverts
• Storm drains

Choose Shotcrete Technologies

The diversity of projects today needs the very best combination of products, application, versatility, shotcreting experience and effective problem solving. Shotcrete is dedicated to deliver this on every project, no matter how large or small. To find out how a partnership with us can help you build it right from the ground up, call (303) 567-4871 or send an e-mail message to: info@shotcretetechnologies.com.