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Projects > Pan American Silver Shaftlining - Zacatecas, Mexico

In December of 2015 – Pan American Silver was raise boring a 613m deep x 6m ID shaft in Zacatecas Mexico.  The upper 210 M was in questionable ground, so it was decided to raise a smaller 3m bore, shotcrete the shaft and then excavate from the top and down.

The day after the bore machine was removed, STI lowered a camera down and marked where 3” shotcrete was needed – a total of 240 LF in various areas.

At 11 am – we started lining a flash coat top to bottom.  We then lined 3” of shotcrete where needed and by 6pm, the same day, we had completed the shaft lining - a total of 30 cubic meters was in place!

Kristian Loevlie & Russ Burns beside the small bore

Concrete Mixers getting ready to feed the mix to the pumps

Both the concrete and water hoses laid out prior to beginning – We used 900 feet of hose in order to keep everything flowing smoothly!

Getting everything in position and ready to send down the camera and video the shaft

Positioning and ready to begin the video.  Note the bars of lights for a very clear picture of what the shaft looks like

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