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Kristian Loevlie
Co-founder & Owner


Norwegian born, Kristian is one of the world's leading experts in wet mix shotcreting. His technical expertise including, specifications, mix designs, logistics, equipment and system design, and training has provided STI a firm foundation in the Shotcrete world and the "cutting edge" of new technology and techniques that the industry has historically adopted.”

Mary Jane Loevlie
Co-founder & Owner

Mary Jane adds the driving business force and marketing skills that help set STI apart in the industry. Her technical expertise, market knowledge and customer service are well known within the industry since the company's inception in Norway 30 years ago.

Patti Tyler
Shotcrete Concierge & Office Manager

STI has a portfolio of worldwide customers and it is Patti's job to manage the logistics of all the sales, manufacturing, and shipping details coordinated throughout the world. In addition she has a big part in assisting the owners with the details of operating the business on a daily basis. Her attention to detail and excellent customer relationship skills makes her a valued member of the “Shotcrete Team”.

Asta Loevlie Keene
Shotcrete Concierg

Asta is a vital part of our team, managing logistics, sales, marketing and design. In addition she assists Kristian and Mary Jane with the day to day operations of the business. Her people skills, management expertise and customer relationship skills make her a very important part of the “Shotcrete Team”.

Terry Garner
Technical Support Design & Fabrication

With Terry's technical knowledge and expertise in hydraulics, electronics and mechanics, he is the "go to"guy for fabrication and design. When the demands from a customer have meant taking a concept developed to provide a Shotcrete solution and modifying and mounting a Shot-Tech Robotic Arm to fit a specific application, Terry gets it done.