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Shotcrete Technologies, Inc. has developed a system for lining/repairing all types of culverts, pipes, shafts and tunnels from 18” I.D. to 144” (12 feet) I.D..  This new process is quick, non-disruptive (i.e. no excavation), efficient and at a lower cost than conventional techniques!

The system constructs a new permanent “in-situ” lining using a cementitious mix that will develop a compressive strength of 6000 PSI or greater in 7 days.  The resulting lining will be more acid and abrasion resistant and more impermeable than ordinary concrete.  Studies show that a one inch lining a 36”ID pipe or culvert will provide the load bearing capacity of H80 (the load required by railroads).

Our custom designed Shotcrete Track Robot is operated via remote control with cameras and can travel five hundred linear feet plus, it will turn around corners, retract and travel inclines and declines.  The “track robot” will fit through a 3 ft. man-hole, so no excavation is needed, and after the lining is in place, is ready to carry water within hours after placement…with no adverse effect on the environment.

Essentially, the process relines sections of a pipe or tunnel with a proprietary shotcrete mix using a “spinner” nozzle that uniformly sprays the material onto the surface.  A crew of three can do up to 500 linear feet per day in normal circumstances.

Sample Projects Include:

  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District – 9000 LF, 60” I.D.
  • Colorado Dept. of Transportation – over a thousand feet of 2ft. diameter corrugated metal pipe (cmp)
  • Union Pacific Railroad – over 2500 ft. of 42” I.D. pipe.  Pumping through 550 ft. of 1.5” concrete hose, the pipe was lined at 400 plus feet for 6 consecutive days.
  • Mesa County (Grand Junction, CO) – a severely misaligned 110 ft. 36” I.D. pipe was relined in less than two hours.
  • Elbert County, CO – Two 96” I.D. cmp each 85ft. long (completed in one day)

Benefits Include:

  • Restored flow and carrying capacity – or usually an increase
  • Minimal disruption of traffic flow, short construction time
  • Elimination of internal corrosion and irregularities
  • Acid and abrasion resistant, high impermeability and non-shrink properties
  • Low and reduced cost on future maintenance and insurance

Click here to view the Shaftlining Spec Sheet

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