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The Shot-Tech Nozzle has performed effectively for over 20 years on projects around the globe, including tunnels and mines, dams and reservoirs, soil stabilization and sea walls.

The Shot-Tech Nozzle Assembly is designed for durability, and consists of a lightweight "head", an air ring insert and a high-density polyurethane tip. The head is cast from lightweight aluminum and fits standard, two-inch I.D. (50mm) fittings (2 1/2-inch fittings are also available). The compact, narrow spray confines the mix and reduces segregation. The amount of air introduced determines velocity and is
regulated by the nozzleman depending on the distance desired and the type of surface to be sprayed.

The unique Shot-Tech Nozzle Assembly:

  • Is compatible with most wet-mix systems.
  • Handles steel-fiber mixes with ease.
  • Increases safety by enabling a nozzleman to stand three to 20 feet (two to six meters) away from the spray area and still maintain the proper pattern.
  • Reduces rebound and ensures better bonding.
  • Produces more homogeneous and predictable results.
  • Eliminates the need for numerous scaffolds and man lifts.


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